• Moved to Denmark on 30/Oct/18. Living in Ballerup and working in Copenhagen.
  • Working as a Senior Developer at FarmBackup.
    • Not working fulltime on my startup Fred anymore. But it is still alive.
  • Sleep schedule: 23:00-06:00.
  • Meditation streak since 31/Dec/17 is still going strong. Past 240 consecutive days in Insight Timer.
  • Learning Japanese since 16/Aug with the AJATT methodology following this planning from MattVSJapan:
    • Very comfortable with Hiragana and Katakana (took me around 12 days of repetition with Anki + mnemonics).
    • Now focused on learning the Kanji, with a RTK Anki deck, customized with MattVSJapan tips. Sometimes I also adjust the stories to my liking. As of today, into 630 Kanji, but I didn’t study it the past 4 days, due to moving out. Managed to study a bit today, but not enough.
  • Last update: 01/Nov/18.

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Inspired by Derek Sivers and nownownow.