• Moved from Brazil to Denmark on 30/Oct/18. Living in Ballerup and working in Copenhagen.
    • A month in Denmark, loving it. When commuting, I bike more than 10km everyday and take more than 20km of train (to go and to come back).
    • In the beginning the weather was killing me, but I’m getting used to it, although winter hasn’t started yet.
  • Working as a Senior Developer at FarmBackup.
    • Not working fulltime on my startup Fred anymore. But it is still alive.
  • Sleep schedule: 22:00-05:00, leaving to work at 06:00, arriving at 07:00 and working until 14:00. At around 15:30 I’m back at home, except on Fridays, where I leave at 08:00 and stay until 16:00.
    • Previous schedule: 23:00-06:00, and work from 09:00 to 16:00.
  • Meditation streak since 31/Dec/17 is still going strong. Past 280 consecutive days in Insight Timer.
  • Learning Japanese since 16/Aug with the AJATT methodology following this planning from MattVSJapan:
    • After I moved to Denmark in November, I broke my streak and didn’t study for almost a month, but now I’m back at it, with 50 revisions and 5 new cards, until I get warmed up again.
  • Last update: 05/Dec/18.

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